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  • Sync window
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This review applies to version 1.0. The latest version of this software will soon be reviewed by our informers.

Fitbit Connect is a tool which allows you to sync your data from Fitbit devices. Fitbit will help you tell your weight, height, calories, etc. By using this application you can follow your progress and long-term trends as you learn how to stay on track and reach your weight goals.

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    Guest 16 hours ago

    I am sick and tired of not being able to sync my fitbit. What has changed?
    I've never had a problem until a month or so ago.

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    Guest 5 days ago

    My Fitbit is in a constant state of flux and I'm sick of it - why doesn't it have a "sync now" button rather that the twenty hoops one has to jump through to get this contraption to work? This is something the company really needs to work on if it wants to keep my support.

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    Guest Last month

    I run Ubuntu Linux.
    Tried installing in Wine bus got OS not supported when emulating XP.
    Tried in a virtual machine running XP and same issue.
    Seems a common problem with XP.
    Got my Fitbit for Christmas so am using the latest download.
    Can sync to my iPhone for now but don't like leaving Bluetooth on all the time.

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